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Related article: Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 15:39:57 -0500
From: Nick Howe
Subject: Favorite Combination I'd always said it was my favorite combination; brown hair and hazel
eyes, and I'd never had a better chance to stare at it than right now. Even
though his eyes were closed, deep in slumber, I still imagined what they
looked like; a light free young lolitas galerias blue, almost gray, with a hint of green. I'd looked
into them so many times. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to roll over and let sleep fall upon myself as well, but I
couldn't. He was too beautiful, and an opportunity like this might not ever
come again. It was dark out, in the Vermont wilderness. The stars were as bright
and as numerous as I remembered them from my childhood. The moon had just
begun a new cycle, and was barely larger than a sliver. I was taking a road
trip with one of my good friends, Lucas. We met a couple of years ago when
my mother and I moved to Virginia where she grew up, from, you guessed it,
Vermont. He's significantly older than me. I'm 16 and he's 20. Illegal? In Virginia, yes. In Vermont, not at all. But while we're at it, let's get something straight. He and I are in
no way together. I wish we were, but that's just not the case. He's never
shown an interest in me or anyone else for that matter. He seemed almost
asexual, in a way. Not interested in asian lolita pre teen anyone from either sex. But if
anything were to ever happen, this would be a great place... The age of
consent in Vermont is 16, instead of 18 like in Virginia (and most other
states, for that matter). So like I was saying, we were taking a road trip to visit my old
friends who I really missed. Something messed up with the city's sewer
system and school was called off for a couple of weeks in September, so I
asked Lucas to take me up. I really missed the foliage. After a week of
seeing my old friends, I decided I wanted to go camping. I hadn't gone
since sixth or seventh grade; I'm now a junior. He'd never been before, but
I convinced him to go anyway. And that brings me to where I am now, all alone in the forest laying
next to my sleeping beauty in a single sleeping bag. We hadn't exactly
planned on going camping, so he suggested we shouldn't splurge on a second
one. Needless to say, I had no objections. When we decided on a spot, it
was still fairly cp magazine nude lolita light out. We set up the tent and laid out the sleeping
bag and pillows, then went to dinner. By the time we got back we were not
only bloated, but tired. We started a fire and just laid there next to each other, talking
about random things. When the fire had mostly died down, Lucas bid me
goodnight and entered the tent. I just laid still waiting for the fire to
go completely out. By the time it had, Lucas was already fast asleep. I was
nervous to sleep so close to him, but the thought comforted me at the same
time. I crawled in next to him, my torso facing his, trying not to make
contact with him, which proved futile. It was too uncomfortable trying to
keep myself away from him so I get just gave into my guilty pleasure. Being
right there next to him was such a contrast in comfort. It felt nice. Now
I wasn't about to make a move or anything, but he rolled onto his back and
created the perfect scenario for me to make myself comfortable. I turned
onto my stomach and put my head right up next to his, with my arm resting
on his chest. I immediately fell asleep.
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Cp magazine nude lolita

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